Leadership We Need in District Court... elect Bill Davis
Thank you for your vote in the primary on March 15th!

Iím Bill Davis; Iím running for District Court Judge on a platform of experience, integrity, and dedication. Iíve been a Public Defender in Guilford County for the past 17 years, and my wife, Dawn, is a public school teacher here. Our commitment to public service is deep and unwavering, and was at the forefront of our minds when we started this campaign.

Every decision a judge faces should be considered first in terms of the requirements of the law. When judicial discretion plays a role, there must be a concern for what actions best uphold the integrity of the legal system and maintain a peaceable community that respects every person. These are the values I have maintained throughout my career, and the values that I will take with me as a District Court Judge. As the court closest to the people, it is absolutely essential that every individual believes they were heard and respected, regardless of the outcome of the matter. This reflects the proper demeanor of any courtroom, and helps to maintain community respect for the law and the judicial system.

As an Assistant Public Defender I have practiced in District Court on a near-daily basis for over seventeen years. I have been practicing law longer than every other candidate in my race put together. I am a member of the Greensboro Bar Association (GBA) and the Guilford Inn of Court. I have served as President of the Greensboro Criminal Defense Lawyers (GCDLA). I currently serve on the boards of both the GBA and the GCDLA. I also serve as a volunteer judge for the local Teen Court juvenile diversion program, through One Step Further. For more about my background, please CLICK HERE.

In seventeen years of practicing law, I have seen great needs and great opportunities to serve. There are domestic violence victims, who need judges that will ensure their protection. There are opportunities to extend a helping, healing hand, through our treatment courts. There are children who are subjected to abuse or neglect, who need strong voices for their safety. There are opportunities to uphold those whose voices are underrepresented. There are backlogged cases that need to be heard without delay, so that the families involved can move forward with their lives. There are opportunities to protect the constitutional rights and framework that guarantee freedom to us all. In a world with so many needs and opportunities, many of my colleagues have encouraged me to run for Judge because they believe that I have something to contribute on our District Court bench.

I am ready to serve the people of our community, but I need your help. Please consider making a contribution, signing up to help us, or coming out to one of our events. Most importantly, go to the polls and vote for me in the primary on March 15.

Thank you very much!

Thank you for your vote in the primary on March 15th!
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